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This is a very nice product and well service from the shop owner.


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Product Highlights

This is a very nice product and well service from the shop owner.



The world’s most advanced single-agent endpoint security with prevention, detection and response, deception and adaptation.

Protecting 175 Million Endpoints Across the Globe

Only Symantec can secure your endpoints via one single agent to:

  • Beat crippling ransomware and unknown attacks with multilayered protection that combines signatureless and critical endpoint technologies.
  • Maximize protection and minimize false positives with advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis.
  • Block zero-day attacks that prey on memory-based vulnerabilities in popular applications with memory exploit mitigation.
  • Fine-tune your detection engines on the fly to optimize your security posture.

Phish the Phishers with Deception

Entice attackers with bait to reveal their methods – without them knowing they’re being watched.

  • Detect attackers by luring them into a decoy minefield.
  • Reveal their intent, tactics, and targets—so security teams can pre-emptively adapt their security posture.
  • Set the trap as simply as flipping a switch.

Cage Your Vulnerabilities. Unleash Your Applications.

Hardening bulletproofs applications, or any software. Now, you can implement any productivity tools and browsers without risk.

  • Auto-classify risk levels of all endpoint applications, whether or not they’re in use.
  • Use application isolation to limit exploits.
  • Implement hardening in minutes with an intuitive cloud console.

Attack Your Stack to Kill Complexity

Reduce the complexity and number of vendors in your security stack.

  • Detect and respond to threats anywhere by integrating SEP with network security infrastructure.
  • Built-in integration delivers prevention, Detection and Response (EDR), Deception, and Hardening with one single agent.
  • Use open APIs to coordinate with existing IT infrastructure for automation and orchestration.


This is a very nice product and well service from the shop owner.

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